Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen with ceiling removed

Water Damage Tifton, GA

This picture was taken at a home in Tifton, GA. This customer had water damage to their home after a roof leaf. We recommended to customer that they use board insulation to keep the temperature of the home comfortable until they were able to get the roof fixed.

Room with flooring and drywall removed

Water Damage in Ashburn, GA

This photo is from a water loss in Ashburn, GA. This is the bedroom of the home. Our team had to remove all of the flooring and make a 2ft cut on the walls. The water loss was caused by a leak from the toilet. Even though this was a tough time for the customer, they were very please with how quickly we were able to complete the job.

Water Damage in Cordele, GA

Water Damage in Cordele, GA

This photo is from a water loss in Cordele, GA. The customers roof was tarped after Hurricane Michael. After a heavy rain the tarp fell in causing more water damage to the home.

Post Mitigation In a Home in Tifton, GA

Post Mitigation In a Home in Tifton, GA

Pictured is the result of a broken water pipe from under the kitchen sink. It caused damage to kitchen, living room, utility room and crawlspace. We removed flooring and underlayment in the affected rooms, along with the cabinets and counter tops in kitchen, and affected insulation within the crawlspace. The entire process of removing moisture and damaged building materials was five days.

water damage in crawl space

Water Mitigation in a Crawl Space

This photo shows a crawlspace from a home in Bainbridge, GA. A pipe busted in the customer's home under a sink, causing damage to their bathroom. In the pictu,re you can see the placement of dehumidifiers and air movers to dry  the subfloor and maintain humidity.   

water damage in hallway

Water Mitigation in Home

Pictured is a hallway and part of a bedroom of a home. There was a busted pipe under the home and it caused damage to multiple rooms. We removed drywall that could not be salvaged and some of the flooring. We were able to dry the rest of the areas that had water damage.