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Presenting at WILL Power

Last month Amanda and Mary Catherine got the opportunity to present at WILL Power. WILL Power, stands for Women in local leadership. This group of wonderful women met once a month for networking. WILL Power is a great way for our marketing team to talk about the benefits of using SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt, and Grady Counties. 

Ready for Whatever Happens! - Image of woman in green vehicle

Ready for Whatever Happens!

Sales & Marketing Representatives even get in on the help for SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt & Grady Counties. We are ready for whatever happens! Remember we are available 24-7, you can reach us at 229-236-1902. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

water in commercial space

Water Mitigation in Commercial Space

Pictured is after a storm left water damage in this hair salon. The roof was ripped off after wind damage and rain flooded the building. We were able to remove the water damaged building materials and dry the interior building. The process took about three days. 

water damage in crawl space

Water Mitigation in a Crawl Space

This photo shows a crawlspace from a home in Bainbridge, GA. A pipe busted in the customer's home under a sink, causing damage to their bathroom. In the pictu,re you can see the placement of dehumidifiers and air movers to dry  the subfloor and maintain humidity.   

water damage in hallway

Water Mitigation in Home

Pictured is a hallway and part of a bedroom of a home. There was a busted pipe under the home and it caused damage to multiple rooms. We removed drywall that could not be salvaged and some of the flooring. We were able to dry the rest of the areas that had water damage.

removed ceiling tiles from water damage

Water Damage to an Office Building

This office had a roof leak and caused damage to the main operating office space and three private offices. Our production technicians removed carpet tiles in order to dry the carpet sub-floor and we were able to dry the carpet tiles and re-use them. This job was complete in two days. 

Drying Storm Damage

Hurricane Michael Storm Damage

This photo was taken at a water loss in Iron City, GA. The damage was caused by Hurricane Michael after a tree fell on the home causing rain water to pour in. Once the roof was tarped we could begin mitigation and demolition. As you can tell from the picture all of the drywall and insulation had to be removed in the affected areas. The customer was very please with the professionalism of SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt & Grady Counties. 

Storm Damage

Storm Damage from Hurricane Michael

This photo was taken at a water loss after Hurricane Micheal. A tree fell on the customers home, causing lots of water to come in. All of the flooring had to be removed, as well as any drywall and insulation that was affected. The customer was very satisfied with the job that SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt & Grady Counties completed for them.


Fire Damage from Outdoor Fireplace

This was the aftermath of an outdoor fireplace malfunctioning, causing a fire to start in the exterior wall. If the fire break is not properly installed, it can cause heat to transfer to the structure of the home, causing ignition. Fortunately, there was no fire damage to the interior of the home, but there was smoke damage and a pungent smoke odor we were able to remove with our ozone machine and thorough cleaning. 

cause of loss

Fire in Attapulgus, GA

This photo shows the cause of loss for a home fire in Attapulgus, GA. It is an extension cord that was running several appliances in a Kitchen. We of course never recommend this, as it can result in a fire like it did in this case.


House Fire Restoration

This photo is from a house fire in our area. Lightening struck the roof which started a fire in the attic. As you can see from the picture of the ceiling all of the drywall and insulation had to be removed.

Fire in Kitchen

Electrical Fire in Kitchen

Pictured is the aftermath of a fire in when we arrived at the scene. The electrical fire began in the utility room. After the fire was put out by the local fire department, water was left behind causing water damage along with the fire and smoke damage. It took around six days to complete this job. We had to extract the water and dry the rest of the room. In a time of the customers' devastation, we were able to come in and make it "Like it never even happened."

photo shows drywall in a hotel lobby

Commercial Water Loss Tifton, GA

This photo was taken at a hotel in Tifton, GA that had extensive water damage. The photo was taken after the demolition had taken place and our drying equipment had been placed. 

photo shows bathroom of barber shop

Commercial Water Damage Cordele, GA

This picture is from a commercial water job in Cordele, GA. A pipe busted in a Barber Shop causing water damage to three businesses in the complex. We quickly responded to the call so that all of the businesses could open back up as soon as possible. 

photo shows pink insulation on floor

Commercial Water Damage in Adel, GA

This photo was taken from a commercial water loss in Adel, GA. The photo shows where the insulation had fallen from the ceiling due to a roof leak. We had to remove any affected drywall and the remaining insulation. The customer was very happy with how quickly they were able to return to normal operations. 

Photo shows SERVPRO air movers on green carpet

Commercial Water Damage in Tifton, GA

This photo was taken at a commercial water loss in Tifton, GA. After a tornado ripped through downtown several businesses in the area were affected. We were able to quickly come in and help them open back up for business.

Mother and father with a toddler and a newborn baby

Congratulations Morgan!

We want to congratulate Morgan, our Marketing Representative, on the birth of her sweet baby girl Axie Mae! You have a beautiful family Morgan! We couldn’t be happier for you!

List of items needed for an emergency for hurricane season

Hurricane Season is here, are you prepared?

SERVPRO of Tifton wants to be sure you are prepared for hurricanes this season. June 1st marks the beginning of Hurricane season, use this list to be sure you and your family are prepared. 

SERVPRO vehicles leaving the parking lot

Always Here to Help.

Even when a storm hits our team is here to help. Here is our SERVPRO crew headed out to make it "Like it never even happened." No disaster is big or small for our team.

photo of CSC window cling

SERVPRO a clean you can trust

While other companies in town may be offering fogging services for your business, the only way to be sure it’s clean is to be certified SERVPRO clean!
For more details visit

photo of a black englisher cocker dog and a black and white boston terrier

Gus and Buggy are excited to meet all of our Agents in Tifton.

Gus and Bug have been patiently waiting at home until they are able to get out and visit all of our agents. They can't wait to meet all of you!